8 Tips to Enjoy Your Job

Jul 23, 2018
8 Tips to Enjoy Your Job

In life, work is essential; it is a place we go almost every day and to which we dedicate a large part of our time. For this reason, we must learn to love the place where we develop ourselves and we can do so by following these steps:

  1. Establish personal goals: Commit yourself to your goals by creating strategies so you do not lose sight of your targets and have a plan of reaching them. Find a way to grow in your company by taking on challenges that make you more productive. 
  1. Share your knowledge: Sharing knowledge broadens our horizons and allows us to reinforce what we teach others. It keeps us motivated and adds a sense of purpose to our lives as we gain awareness of our potential and the things we can improve. 
  1. Feel challenged: Accept new responsibilities that take you out of your comfort zone, dare to bring new ideas, and find opportunities to give more of yourself in your day-to-day work; this will help you gain confidence and courage. If something goes wrong, overcome the obstacles, find a way to fix it, and learn from it - never give up. 
  1. Keep a positive attitude: Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude when facing high stress or unusual situations. If we view our work as a means to be better, it will be easier to have a good attitude. Value your achievements and encourage others in their work as well. Do not let the bad attitude virus affect your life; try to be optimistic and infect the people around you with positivism. 
  1. Assertive communication: It is important to express our thoughts and feelings effectively and adequately. Our voice needs to be heard, but it will depend on the way we express ourselves whether our message will be received as we intend it or not. Good communication provides a pleasant environment, fostering good working relationships amongst our colleagues and making our work more efficient. 
  1. Keep your work area clean: Less is more, so leave only the essentials on your desk and get rid of anything that may be a distraction. A clean space promotes better concentration. Adapt to your environment; if it is necessary to move your computer to optimize your routine and feel more comfortable, do not hesitate to do so. Finishing the day with a tidy space allows you to start a new day with more energy. 
  1. Prioritize your day: Sometimes we have so many things to do that we don’t know where to start. We can lose time in the not-so-important tasks and end up pressed at the deadline of other essential duties. This is why it is a good idea to start the day by creating a list of tasks in order of their priority. This kind of organization helps us accomplish our daily activities more effectively. 
  1. Be grateful: We all go through difficult times, however, being grateful allows us to be more resilient in adversity. Take a moment to reflect on the opportunity to enjoy the small things in life; consciously and specifically give thanks when a person does something for you. Being grateful makes us happier and generates a positive impact around you, leading to a more productive work environment. An attitude based on gratitude gives us a better perspective in all areas of our lives.

 Loving and enjoying what we do is not a difficult task if we do our part. It is up to us to have the best attitude to face daily challenges, and we should remind ourselves that work is a way to achieve our dreams.

Raquel Chacón
Written by Raquel Chacón

I am a Graphic Designer at Atmos International. I live in Costa Rica and like the photography, being outdoors and traveling

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