Atmos has a pop star

Jan 16, 2019
Atmos has a pop star

Atmos has a pop star: Fabricio Marín wins 1st place in the 2nd Chinese Songs Competition in Latin America 

Fabricio Marín, Maintenance Engineer at Atmos Costa Rica, recently participated in the competition held at Regional Centre of Confucius Institutes for Latin America to demonstrate his skills in the Mandarin language. And after performing two songs and an introductory speech, he was rewarded with the first prize.

Fabricio has been learning Mandarin for the past ten years and to fully immerse himself in the culture he began studying at a Buddhist temple to experience the language, food, dance and way of life. Following this, he continued to study with more classes at Confucius Institute and the University of Costa Rica.

As part of the Chinese University Bridge, in 2016 Fabricio visited China for the first time in particular Beijing city and Hunan province. With this experience, he gained a 6-month scholarship to study Mandarin at Tsing Hua University which gave him a fantastic opportunity to improve his language skills and spend time with locals.

Following his professor’s suggestion, he participated in the Chinese Songs Competition. The first stage included sending a video of Fabricio performing one song which then gained him a position among eight other finalists from Latin America. Fabricio commented ‘this was one of the best experiences in my life; not only because I won, but because of the people I have met and what I learnt from them’.

Jun Zhang, CEO at Atmos, also commented: ‘It is fantastic to discover a pop star within Atmos.  Well done Fabricio, I am very impressed by your singing and stage performance, particularly in a foreign language! As a global organisation, it is great to see our colleagues in one region learning more about another.’

To see Fabricio’s performance follow the links below.

The first song from 0:10 to 2:08

The second song from 0:01 to 3:05


Cristian Calvo
Written by Cristian Calvo

I am a Marketing Associate at Atmos International. I live in Costa Rica and I really enjoy reading, going out with my friends and visiting beaches, volcanoes and mountains.

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