Innovative Hardware Allows Pipeline Leak Detection Where It Was a Challenge Before

Jan 29, 2018
Innovative Hardware Allows Pipeline Leak Detection Where It Was a Challenge Before

Pipeline operators have struggled to install effective leak detection on remote pipeline segments and High Consequence Areas (HCAs) that lack power or communication.  Now as pipelines and HCAs come under more scrutiny by regulators who demand comprehensive leak detection, particularly in HCAs, this challenge is most urgent.  Having delivered software solutions that are changing leak detection paradigms for almost a quarter of a century, Atmos International now offers robust and user-friendly hardware that allows the addition of instrumentation anywhere it is needed for sensitive, accurate and reliable leak detection.

 Pipeline Guardian 2

Pipeline Guardian 2 is a compact, Intelligent panel loaded with the components to collect, analyze and transmit LDS data.  Available with solar power options, Guardian 2 unleashes the power of Atmos’ proven software in any remote area or challenging site where leak detection is needed.

Pipeline Guardian 2 simplifies the design and specification process for a leak detection system and its supporting components, minimizing the time to complete a project and eliminates expensive, custom-made, field cabinets.

Each Guardian 2 comprises a network enabled, multi-channel datalogger with a range of sensor inputs for both traditional and non-intrusive instrumentation.

Atmos pipeline guardian LDS in HCA

Two Guardian Units configured to provide sensitive LDS in a HCA

The embedded device includes on-board cellular and radio communications and a wired TCP/IP port for maximum flexibility in interfacing with any existing network or configuration as a self-sufficient network with other Guardian units and Atmos servers. Guardian 2 packages onboard inputs for connecting an ultrasonic flow meter and vibration sensor inside the ATEX/IECEx field enclosure.

Pipeline guardian LDS in High consequence areas

Multiple Guardian units configured in their independent network provide sensitive LDS on all sections of a pipeline, including HCAs



Michael Twomey
Written by Michael Twomey

Global Director of Finance, Administration and Marketing, is one of the founders of Atmos International, Inc. Michael has worked 35 years in the pipeline industry both in projects and business development. Michael is an industry innovator who has presented numerous times at international pipeline conferences. After 17 years in the US office, Michael is now based in the Latin America office in sunny Costa Rica.

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