Remembering the start of my journey

Aug 7, 2019
Remembering the start of my journey

Last month I attended the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Control Systems Centre at the University of Manchester. It was good to reflect how far I have come since finishing my Ph.D. at UMIST, now the University of Manchester after the merger in 2004. Seeing old friends, lecturing staff and my supervisor was not only enjoyable, but it also marked a significant period of my life and my affinity with Manchester. It is after all the place where I founded Atmos International, made my home and brought up my family.

I was also pleased to be able to share my experiences with a guest lecture. The facilities at Manchester have dramatically changed – for the better, but the historic Whitworth Hall and Christie Building are still awe-inspiring. It makes you think of the previous generations and the collective intelligence that has passed through the doors. I am grateful for the good education I received from the Control Systems Centre between 1984 and 1988 and I owe my success to what I learned in Control Systems. Without the support and knowledge gained at UMIST, I wouldn’t have discovered the pipeline industry or leak detection. I am therefore glad to be a small part of the Centre’s history. 

In the 1980s, the Control Systems Centre was a very different place. Technology has lept forward but what has not changed is the passion and dedication of those working within this area. Today we have high-speed internet, cloud-based storage and mobile applications, yet the thinking and logic remain the same.


You can find out more about the degree courses at the University of Manchester here:


Will Stone
Written by Will Stone

Will Stone is a marketing and communications manager for Atmos International. He is responsible for the creation and development of Atmos' content and media relations. A trained journalist, Will has worked in PR, marketing and brand communications. Previous companies include UPM (a global bio-forestry business), the University of Manchester and a number of PR agencies. He was an independent brand communications specialist and a managing editor of an international trade magazine.

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