Working in a Winter Wonderland

Mar 2, 2018
Working in a Winter Wonderland

It’s not often that our headquarters in Manchester gets dusted with a coat of snow, but a cold spell dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ has arrived. This ‘Beast,’ caused by a disruption in the polar vortex that usually causes air to move from west to east, has brought a blast of cold air from Siberia to the UK and the rest of Europe.

Temperatures have dipped to as low as -10C with up to 34cm of snow in parts of the UK. Fortunately, Manchester missed the brunt of it with only a few centimeters to deal with but still enough to impact travel and close schools.

While this might seem a typical winter to some people, the last time the UK saw these conditions was in 2013, so it is a rare occurrence. This situation is even more special for Cristian Calvo, a marketing associate visiting the Manchester office from our Costa Rica division.

“This is my first time seeing snow, we don’t get this kind of weather in Costa Rica,” says Cristian.  “I’ve never experienced freezing temperatures like this before. Luckily, someone told me to order a warm jacket before I departed for Manchester.”

Asked if he’d do any sledding or making snow angels, Cristian laughed and responded, “I haven’t had the chance to go out during the day yet, but if the snow sticks around this weekend, I’ll go out and make a snowman.”

Following the ‘Beast from the East,’ Cristian and the rest of the Manchester office still have some rocky weather ahead with Storm Emma bringing more wind and snow this weekend.


Lubo Durisin
Written by Lubo Durisin

I am a Marketing Associate at Atmos International. I live in Manchester and like road trips, being outdoors and playing softball.

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