Atmos User Conference 2017

Atmos User Conference 2017

Thursday 25 May 2017 9am – 5pm
Atmos Head Office Manchester United Kingdom

*Free leak detection and simulation training event on
Wednesday 24 May 2017*


The annual Atmos User Conference is a valuable opportunity for existing customers to contribute their thoughts to future Atmos products and share their experiences of Atmos systems.

Why attend?

This year’s special event will be hosted in Atmos’ new head office located in Manchester UK. This gives clients the opportunity to meet with the teams working directly on their pipeline projects and products.

Learn about our newest leak and theft detection hardware


Research in drone technology

Pipeline Guardian


Day one Day two Day three
Wednesday 24 May 2017 Thursday 25 May 2017 Friday 26 May 2017

Leak detection and simulation training

  • Pipeline leak detection: Introduction to different methods with more details on Atmos Pipe and Atmos Wave Flow
  • Pipeline hydraulic simulation: Introduction to fluid mechanics with hands-on practice on Atmos SIM
  • Evening visit the sites of Manchester, to be confirmed

Atmos User Conference 2017

  • Real leaks recently detected by Atmos systems
  • Theft detection
  • Clients' presentations
  • Updates in Atmos SIM
  • Updates in batch tracking and pig tracking
  • What's new in Atmos Pipe including Atmos Rupture Detector and Atmos SCADA Wave
  • What's new in Atmos Wave Flow including Nano Wave
  • Measure leak detection KPI's and improvement through maintenance
  • Atmos hardware for turnkey solutions: Clamp-on flow and pressure sensors, Pipeline Guardian, and drones
  • Introduction to Atmos SIM Lite
  • Introduction to Atmos Trainer
  • Atmos development road map
  • Clients' feedback on features/products to be developed
  • Evaluation and conclusions
  • Conference dinner

Visit to Chatsworth House:
The home of Pride and Prejudice.

The Pride and Prejudice movie (2005) starring Keira Knightley was filmed at Chatsworth House. Visitors will be able to spot locations and props from the film while walking around the property, including a bust of Mr Darcy in the Orangery shop.

The stately home played the part of Pemberley for a second time in 2013 for the BBC drama ‘Death comes to Pemberley’, a Pride and Prejudice sequel based on the book by PD James.

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Speakers include:

Jun Zhang

Jun Zhang

Atmos’ Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jun Zhang, will be available throughout the event to talk to customers about their experiences with Atmos systems. It’s important to work with clients to optimize the leak/theft detection systems their associated equipment. Jun will be sharing case studies of real leaks detected in the last year, and listening to client suggestions for new features.

Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman

Research and Development Director, Andrew Hoffman will be speaking about the new range of turn-key hardware solutions: Pipeline Guardian. API 1175 reminds us that a successful computational monitoring system (CMP) leak detection system requires good instrumentation and telecommunications as well as leak detection software.

Harry Smith

Harry Smith

Product Champion Harry Smith has worked at Atmos International for the last three years. He works closely with clients to implement the Theft Net service. Pipeline theft is a serious global problem and has been on the rise for the last few years. Harry will discuss the leak detection technologies that have been adapted to detect thefts and secure accurate tapping point locations.


The event will be located at Atmos' new head office in Manchester UK.

St Paul's 781 Wilmslow Road
Manchester M20 2RW
United Kingdom


For directions and transport information, visit our contact page here.



Day one:

Leak detection and simulation training

24 May 2017

Free for delegates

Day two:

Atmos User Conference 2017

25 May 2017

£100 or speakers attend free

Day three:

Visit to Chatsworth House

26 May 2017

Free for delegates

Wed 24 May: Visit the sites of Manchester

Thurs 25 May: Conference dinner

Fri 26 May: Visit Chatsworth House

All information is subject to change. Please speak to an Atmos representative for the most up to date specifications and costs.
Drone image - Photo via VisualHunt
Chatsworth House image - Photo credit: Gareth1953 All Right Now via /  CC BY

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