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Event Date: 12 May, 2015

How safe is your pipeline?

The Pipeline Industries Guild
19 May 2015
London England

Atmos Sales Manager Orod Karchani Gomez de Aranda will be presenting at this event on ‘The challenge of detecting illegal tappings’.

Illegal siphoning and malicious damage to pipelines is becoming increasingly widespread in the UK, and around the world. The Pipeline Industries Guild have invited companies to share their success stories in detecting and locating theft from pipelines, and how to address current threats to pipeline safety. This event allows those involved in the pipeline industry to network and keep up to date with new techniques and methods to protect the UK’s onshore pipelines.

Topics included in this one day event will include:

  • Prevention and detection of pipeline threats
  • Addressing current safety issues with the latest MFL technology
  • Success stories in detecting and locating theft from pipelines
  • Opportunity to network with peers and speakers
  • Access to frontline technical experts

The increase in theft of product means accurate and monitored leak detection systems are essential to catch thieves and minimize loss of product. It is with this in mind that Atmos has created sophisticated LDS systems to improve performance and accuracy. Atmos Wave Flow can potentially detect a theft as quickly as 2 minutes with sensitivity as small as 0.1% of the flow rate. This means even the smallest of tapping points can be detected using this system. Atmos Wave also partners with Atmos Theft Net, a special analysis and reporting service to help our clients locate thefts within the shortest time.

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