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Event Date: 19 Feb, 2015

Latin America and Caribbean Oil & Gas Security Forum 2015

Latin America and Caribbean Oil & Gas Security Forum
17-18 March 2015
Bogota Colombia

Atmos International (Atmos) will be attending this two day forum focusing on pipeline security, illegal siphoning, and terrorist threats to oil infrastructure in Latin America. Representatives from the Latin American office will be presenting a paper and exhibiting at the event, joined by a theft detection specialist from Atmos UK.

Security planning and accurate theft detection are growing concerns in the region, and several countries have made major strides towards creating a healthy investment climate for international companies. However, effective security planning is an essential element if the huge oil and gas potential of Latin America is to be realized.

Atmos have developed a suite of cutting edge solutions to monitor pipeline activity and detect theft events, more details can be found here. This year also notes the release of new portable hardware solutions from Atmos, including Atmos Portable Data Logger for Leak and Theft Detection, and Atmos Hydrostatic Tester. These systems fit into hand-held peli-cases that can be quickly deployed to the site of a potential illicit tapping, in order to locate thieves.

In the last 13 years illegal oil siphoning in Mexico has increased by 1,548% (according to PEMEX), and bomb attacks on pipelines in Colombia averaged at five per week.

Theft and best security practice are ongoing issues for the oil and gas industry, and part of this forum will host case studies, informative panel discussions, and cutting edge technology presentations relevant to the current security concerns of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Some of the topics to be discussed are:

  • Security for offshore installations
  • Improving the security of your teams and assets using the latest tracking systems
  • Implementing an effective Business Continuity Plan
  • Enhancing your security strategy
  • Effective community engagement

To learn more about the event, please visit the event website.

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