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Event Date: 23 May, 2016

Pipeline Technology Conference 2016

Pipeline Technology Conference
23-25 May 2016
Estrel Convention Center, Berlin Germany

500 delegates from around the world are expected to attend this year’s 11th annual conference and exhibition.

Business Development Manager, Dr David Dingley will present a paper during the event. Atmos is exhibiting on booth 46.


Theft detection technologies for pipelines

Pipeline theft is a serious global problem and has been on the rise for the last few years. Petroleum thefts from pipelines in countries such as China, Nigeria, Mexico and Egypt are almost commonplace. Unfortunately the theft events are now found everywhere across Europe. The extent, severity and risk of such theft operations are a major concern to the industry as well as the general public. The challenge facing pipeline operators is they are dealing with a more sophisticated class of criminal. These thieves are well organised and work in multi–skilled teams. They utilise a number of different tactics to remain undetected such as burying hoses and using the surrounding environment to hide their activities such as hedgerows and forested areas. In addition, the theft rate is usually well below the flow meter accuracy level, making it difficult for traditional leak detection systems to detect, and locate the criminal activity. This paper will discuss the leak detection technologies that have been adapted to detect thefts and secure accurate tapping point locations. A couple of real life theft events will be used to illustrate how oil thefts are detected and located.


The team will be available throughout the event to discuss how our multi-method leak detection technology can help German companies adhere to the TRFL legislation, which states that pipeline operators must use two independent LDS methodologies to monitor for leaks. Atmos leak and theft detection suite includes:

  • Statistical volume balance method
  • Rarefaction wave method
  • E-RTTM method

The agenda for this year’s conference includes a leak detection session on Tuesday 24 May as well as sessions on:

  • Planning and construction
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Special issues
  • Panel discussion/world pipeline outlook

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