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Posted: 13 Jul, 2012

Atmos Wave Flow passes FAT for the Ceyhan to Kırıkkale pipeline project

Atmos Wave Flow has passed the factory acceptance test (FAT)for the Ceyhan to Kırıkkale Pipeline project. Atmos Wave Flow provides leak detection using both negative pressure wave and independent volume/mass balance method using flow meters. Atmos Wave Flow was selected for the project due to the performance requirements for small leaks to be accurately located. The Ceyhan to Kırıkkale Pipeline is a 24”, 448 km long crude oil pipeline from Ceyhan Marine Terminal to Kırıkkale Refinery in Turkey, operated by BOTAŞ. The pipeline includes two pumping stations, pig stations, and a distribution terminal. Atmos International Limited are supplying the leak detection system as part of an automation system renovation project.