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Image credit: Assistant Chief Danny Hague, Chattanooga Fire Department
Posted: 09 Jan, 2017

Gasoline Pipeline Leak Still Not Found

A pipeline leak was reported early on Saturday morning in the Shoal Creek area of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The pipeline, owned by Colonial Pipeline, was reported to have had a ‘very small leak of gasoline’. A haz-mat team deployed containment booms on the Tennessee River, and absorbent materials on Shoal Creek, which empties into the Tennessee River. These are being used out of precaution in case any gasoline has managed to make its way into the creek, or river.

No evacuations were necessary, and the leak was reported to be of no threat to the general public or the environment. Colonial Pipeline is responsible for any clean-up required by the spill, and crews are still searching for the suspected leak along Shoal Creek near to the Suck Creek boat ramp.