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Image credit reynermedia via Flickr
Posted: 14 Mar, 2017

Iowa Pipeline Leak Caused by Errant Excavator

In Hanlontown Iowa, US an errant excavator has been blamed for damaging a pipeline that spilled nearly 47,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

A statement released last week from Magellan Midstream Partners stated that the excavator didn’t check with regulators about the location of underground utilities, as required by Iowa law. The leaking fuel was discovered during a snowstorm on 25 January 2017 neat to Hanlontown, Worth County.

Currently no legal steps have been taken against the excavator, nor has a statement been issued to detail what the company intends to do, or to identify the excavator.

The effected 127 mile stretch of pipeline runs from Rosemount, Minnesota to Mason City, Iowa.