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Posted: 01 Feb, 2017

Atmos UK added a custom test cabinet to support rising demand for Atmos Wave and Wave Flow LDS in Europe, Middle East, and Asia

Atmos UK recently acquired a custom cabinet for FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) setup to support the rising demand for the Atmos Wave and Wave Flow leak detection solutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The cabinet is fitted with all the components for testing and demonstration of Atmos Wave Flow during FAT and facilitates much faster tests, streamlining project delivery schedules.

The cabinet contains:
• Space for 30 AWAS units, mounted on 5 DIN rails
• A spare DIN rail for mounting additional equipment to be tested as part of the project
• 11U rack space for up to 5 servers, stacked to the bottom of the cabinet
• Space for resistor junction boxes (to simulate pressure sensors on each row of AWAS data acquisition units to simulate a leak
• A rack mount monitor with a 4 port KVM switch for easy connection to the servers below
• 2 independent network switches to setup redundant networks for the AWAS units
• A managed switch connects the servers to the Atmos network for work by remote access

This new cabinet has already accelerated the configuration of several current Atmos projects. With independent network switches, and space for 30 AWAS units it is possible to test multiple projects simultaneously. Placing the servers on the Atmos Network allows for remote configuration of the systems from any location with direct, or VPN access.

The AWAS units are mounted in the front of the cabinet with easy access to all the important components. The wiring is labelled clearly for ease of reference within the cabinet. The GPS cables are fed out of a side panel for easy connection, and testing of the GPS antennas.

This new FAT cabinet is designed for maximum flexibility over a wide range of projects. Atmos engineers can now easily provide customers with an efficient project configuration, and a clear product demonstration. These cabinets will be added to the other Atmos production offices around the world later this year.