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New branding
The new branding was developed by Lathwell & Associates
Posted: 17 Jan, 2014

New logo and branding from Atmos International

The launch of our new logo and branding

Atmos International (Atmos), the leading provider of pipeline technology to the oil, gas, water and associated industries, has a new face for 2014.

Atmos is excited to roll out a new brand style for the company that includes all new materials, websites, communication and products. We will officially change over to the new look on 31 January 2014 with previews at events and online throughout the month.

Project background

"Atmos aim to provide the most reliable and accurate technology and services for pipeline design and operations in order to help our clients protect the environment and minimize costs."

We can best do this by continually developing our products and listening to our clients. The aim of our re-brand is to position the company for the future by building on strong foundations. This will enable us to grow and to remain as an innovative pipeline technology company.

New logo

This logo design has several meanings. The green color represents our desire to help our clients protect the environment. The circular shape represents our global company and the horizontal lines signify pipes moving above and below the ground.

Product suites

Atmos has built its reputation on the quality of the flagship product, Atmos Pipe: the most proven leak detection system in the world. More recently the company has developed the continuously evolving rarefaction wave leak detection system, Atmos Wave. But Atmos is not just a leak detection company. We also provide accurate and sensitive theft detection, the most reliable hydraulic simulation system, and a range of complimentary pipeline technologies, such as pig tracking and batch tracking. 




This re-brand allows us to showcase our wide product range through five solution suites: Leak and Theft Detection, Simulation, Operations Management, Pipeline Tools and Pipeline Services. These suites have their own icons which appear on materials to allow for easy navigation for our clients.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Leak and Theft Detection
    Atmos Pipe, Atmos Wave and Atmos Tightness Monitor
  • Simulation
    Atmos SIM Online, Atmos SIM Offline, Atmos Surge Analysis and Atmos Trainer
  • Operations Management
    Atmos GMS, Atmos Optimizer, Atmos Batch and Atmos Pig
  • Pipeline Tools
    Atmos Data Manager and Atmos Trend
  • Pipeline Services
    Atmos Maintenance


Dynamic visual style


The new branding features the use of color to represent the oil, gas, aviation, chemical, multi-phase and water industries on our new brochures and at exhibitions. Our aim is to promote ease of use for our new materials when searching for solutions relating to a particular industry sector.

PetroTech - India

The new branding is being showcased at PetroTech this week. Atmos is co-exhibiting with partner PCI Limited at the India conference and exhibition, 12 - 15 January. This is the first use of the new branding after its initial introduction to our Middle Eastern partners at our Annual Sales Conference in Dubai.

Used along-side our historical Atmos green, the new eye-catching designs, iconography and coloring have been very positively received at the event.


Atmos Tightness Monitor

As part of the rebrand, our solution for the aviation industry, Atmos STMS, has been renamed Atmos Tightness Monitor. This product provides statistical tightness monitoring and leak location for airport hydrants.

Atmos Tightness Monitor is field-proven at major international airports, including the New Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport and Sydney International Airport. It has been extensively tested using real leak trials.


On 31 January 2014, we will be making superficial changes to the website such as the logo and photography. We plan to redesign the website fully over the coming year to match our new branding.

Look out for previews of the new branding on our LinkedIn page.

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