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Posted: 17 Feb, 2017

Oil Spill Victims to Receive Compensation in Kenya

In April 2017, the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) will begin compensating residents of the Thange valley in the Kibwezi East Constituency who were affected by and oil leak in 2015. The KPC has already received 278 claim forms related to the incident.

Kemero Maisori, KPC Director, said the company has already spent over 200,000 USD in CSR (corporate social responsibility) support by providing clean water, and food aid to people in the Thange area.
“This CSR support will continue as per needs assessment as we strive to finish up the clean-up and the compensation process. KPC has invested heavily in the people of Thange because we want to transform people’s lives” Kemero Maisori

The 14”, 450km Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline that runs through Thange was constructed in 1978, and has been in operation for 39 years. Way beyond its original 25 year operational lifespan. As the only pipeline in the country it is kept running through constant repairs and inspections.

A new pipeline project is currently underway, and will be ready for commissioning this year. The new line, a 460 million USD project, will include fire-fighting systems at pump stations, energy efficient pipeline equipment, and pipeline monitoring technology.