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Atmos services suite offers customers a range of maintenance options
Posted: 01 Jul, 2013

Opportunities won this quarter show the strength of our customer relationships

Atmos International has contracts formed on 11 new projects this quarter. Two are modifications of existing systems and six are with clients that have already Atmos installations on their pipelines in the past.

Atmos are glad to see long lasting relationships with our customers flourish. Upgrading a system is a large investment, so a great deal of faith needs to be placed in the software and engineers in charge of implementing it. Projects are tailored to the clients’ needs on a case-by-case basis and close interaction with project engineers helps us provide an excellent level of customer service.

On-going care of the system is key in ensuring the LDS works accurately. The expert maintenance team offers three levels of customer after care which are as follows:

Retainer Maintenance:

This is where the maintenance team is not actively involved in monitoring the LDS but remains available as a stand-by service should a problem arise. Atmos has clear access to the system at all times, so if a client should contact us with a problem, an engineer can easily access the LDS, diagnose the issue and offer available solutions.

Comprehensive Maintenance: 

This is a much more pro-active service than the above. Engineers access the system remotely to check the hardware and software. All Atmos systems are checked for their tuning accuracy and how many, if any, false alarms have occurred. The client is then notified on the ways to amend any issues that have arisen. This would take place every three months or as regularly as once a month if requested.

Fully Comprehensive Maintenance: 

This service is similar to the comprehensive cover, but would takes place on a daily basis. A client can retain the service of a single engineer to complete checks on their system every day and be on call to answer email or phone queries at any time during the working day.

24 Hour Support Service:

Clients can add a 24-hour support service as a bolt on to any of the above maintenance contracts. This would mean in the event of a suspected leak or theft, the customer is able to contact an engineer who can assess the situation. Through remote access of the system, they could advise if a shut-down of the system is necessary.

This on-going care from Atmos leak detection systems means our customers can feel at ease in the knowledge their system will always be providing the most accurate information and minimal false alarms. Knowing the software only alarms on genuine suspected leaks means faster reactions can be taken to shut down the line and minimise the fluid loss.

Having one dedicated engineer assigned to a project also means they will always have good personalised relationship with that customer and an in-depth knowledge of that particular pipeline. We pride ourselves in an excellent level of customer service which we feel keep our clients coming back to Atmos International leak detection solutions.