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Posted: 07 Mar, 2017

Potential Natural Gas Leak Near Redwood Valley

Workers from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) have been digging up a section of natural-gas pipeline near Redwood Valley, California, US that is believed to be leaking.

A local resident reported smelling natural gas on Tuesday, and PG&E identified the location of the potential leak. A gas-service representative was then sent to the remote location to perform a series of tests. They discovered methane in the air and the pipeline was shut-in, a crew was dispatched later that day to begin excavations.

The pipeline transports liquefied natural gas from the Ukiah Valley to the town of Willits. A portable system has been implemented to inject fuel into the line, replacing the normal flow of liquefied natural gas, to maintain service to Willits. It is unknown as to how long the repairs will take.