Many pipeline accidents have proven that the damage from a leak that impacts a high consequence area, known as a HCA, is greatly compounded and endures far longer than leaks elsewhere.

HCAs can be drinking water sources, including those supplied by surface water or wells, and where a secondary source of water supply is not available. The land area in which spilled hazardous liquid could affect the water supply is also treated as a HCA.

HCAs also include populated areas and sensitive ecological resources including locations where federally listed threatened and endangered species can be found, and areas where migratory water birds concentrate.

Good engineering practices and pipeline regulations require pipeline operators to augment the leak detection systems on sections where a pipeline failure could affect a high consequence area.

The leak detection systems that cover the entire length of a cross-country pipeline often lack sufficient intermediate sensors and are limited in their ability to detect and locate very small leaks close to a HCA.

If a secondary leak detection system is added with sensors installed immediately upstream, and downstream of the HCA section, this new system can be tuned to much higher sensitivity, as its sensors will isolate the HCA section from influences elsewhere along the pipeline.

Adding Pipeline Guardian hardware upstream and downstream of the HCA removes influences and uncertainties, such as operational transients, vapor pockets, and measurement uncertainties external to the segment, allowing detection of leaks as small as 0.2% of the nominal flow. Isolated, the Pipeline Guardian system is highly reliable, and the controller will have the confidence to shut down the pipeline quickly when an alarm is received.

Pipeline Guardian’s creative hardware solutions and multiple, advanced loss detection method assure you “Go Beyond” best practice requirements for leak detection in high consequence areas.

Pipeline Guardian can detect leaks in areas with no power, no existing telecommunication infrastructure, and no SCADA.


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