Atmos offers services where skilled engineers are on hand to assist with technical issues. These services run on flexible payment plans to meet our clients' individual needs.

The services that Atmos offers include:

  • Multiple levels of system maintenance and support
  • Leak and theft monitoring
  • Troubleshooting support
  • Tuning support
  • Software upgrade
  • ‘Health check’ of the field instruments, SCADA, and telecommunication systems

Atmos' leak, theft, simulation, and operations management products are engineered as bespoke items to best fit the individual requirements of our clients' pipelines. However, once a project is completed, changes can occur in the pipeline. This can be changed to operating conditions and the pipeline itself that may cause Atmos systems to run at less than optimum level.

Atmos services suite can offer monitoring of the pipeline, product, and activity on the line. Our services are manned by experienced engineers who are trained to recognize unusual behavior and solve problems to get our clients’ installations running at their optimum level as quickly as possible.




Atmos Services Suite includes:

Atmos Maintenance

Dependant on the requirements of the customer, services can include:

  • Regular check-up
  • Regular reporting
  • Preventative care
  • Set response times
  • Trouble shooting support
  • Bug fixes and minor software upgrades
  • Site visits
  • Live and up-to-date maintenance folder
  • 24-hour support option 


Theft detection service

To help our clients detect and locate thefts within the shortest time possible, Atmos provides a special analysis and reporting service. The service runs in conjunction with Atmos Wave hardware and software, and different levels of response time are available.

Watch a video about this product here. 




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