Save time, save effort, and save money with Atmos Operations Management Suite.


It is essential for operators to have a clear view of how the operation of their pipeline is affecting their business overall. There are financial, efficiency and safety issues to take into consideration, as well as commitments to customers. These commitments include being able to schedule the products to arrive in a timely fashion, give accurate product arrival time and ensure product quality. Atmos Operations Suite offers a range of solutions to provide a clear dashboard of information to the pipeline operator.

The products in this suite can be purchased as stand-alone systems or with items from the other product suites. 

These products can help you to:

  • Track the products in a pipeline
  • Monitor the progress of products through the distribution chain
  • Run an efficient and cost-effective pipeline
  • Track the product quality
  • Interface easily with existing systems

Atmos Operations Management Suite includes:


Atmos Pig for Liquid or Gas

Pipeline pigs or scrapers are used frequently either to maintain the efficiency of the infrastructure or inspect its integrity. Atmos Pig monitors the progress of pigs from the launcher through to the receiver. It gives accurate and up-to-date locations and estimated arrival time to intermediate stations along the pipeline. This ensures the operator can accurately plan operations as the pig passes through the pipeline.

Atmos Batch

When transporting products through a pipeline, operators could be dealing with many types of products going to different locations with varying ownerships. Being able to accurately forecast where batches start and end, the size of the batch volume and the time they are due to arrive at their destinations is essential. This ensures that the correct product goes to the correct end user and, more importantly, that the product is not contaminated.

Atmos GMS

Atmos gas management system is a web-based management solution for gas transmission companies. Companies can manage business information and track transportation contracts across their network through the buying, selling and transportation processes. The main functions include contract nomination, stock account, stock management, gas balance management/reconciliation, and reporting.

Atmos Optimizer

Atmos Optimizer compares many different operating scenarios to determine the optimum settings for running a pipeline, and therefore the minimum cost for meeting the supply and demand schedule. This system is used for liquid pipelines, either as a stand-alone offline tool or online using real-time data from Atmos Batch and the SCADA system.

Atmos Hydraulic Profiler

The Atmos Hydraulic Profiler takes pressure measurements from the pressure transmitters installed on the pipeline and interpolates between the known measurements giving a real-time representation of the pipeline hydraulic conditions. This enables the operator to run the pipeline in the cheapest and safest manner.



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