Pipeline leak detection hardware and software for turnkey LDS anywhere

  • Complete range of advanced LDS hardware and software to fill any gap in your leak detection program (API 1175)
  • Designed to overcome traditional LDS limitations - measurement uncertainties of conventional pipeline instrumentation, lack of instrumentation in the right locations and lack of infrastructure at those locations
  • Can detect leaks that are a fraction of a percent in minutes with accurate leak location

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LDS for pipelines with insufficient instrumentation, power, and communications

Components designed for easy installation wherever sensitive leak detection is needed:

  • Stub pipelines
  • Inter-refinery and terminal pipelines
  • River crossings
  • HCAs
  • Any location, no matter how remote
  • Fast detection time
  • High sensitivity
  • Accurate leak location
  • Fits easily to any pipeline


Pipeline Guardian hardware

Guardian master control panel

  • Intelligent panel houses the components to collect, analyze and transmit LDS data
  • On-board data storage saves data during long communication outages
  • Communications options, TCP/IP, line of sight radio, GSM, satellite uplink
  • EXd packing option
  • Local processor options for locations with limited comms. The data is processed locally and leak detection results are passed back to the pipeline control center
  • All power options – 110-220v line, solar power, or 24v DC

Non-intrusive flow sensors
Non-intrusive flow sensors are less than one tenth of the cost of conventional flow meters and are much easier and cheaper to install (especially for a retrofit). The limited accuracy of non-intrusive flow sensors makes them unsuitable for use with traditional leak detection systems historically. Atmos’s revolutionary software is designed to achieve high sensitivity with inexpensive, non-intrusive flow sensors meters, customized to the Atmos leak detection solution. This lowers equipment costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs while still providing best in class leak detection.

Pressure sensors

High-resolution pressure sensors: low cost, specially selected for leak detection, to capture even the smallest pressure changes.

Non- intrusive pressure sensor: unique sensors to provide field pressure data to support an effective leak detection without expensive installation costs. No drilling, cutting, or welding required. This sensor can be installed within hours and begins transmitting pressure measurements immediately with zero operational downtime.

Acoustic sensors

Allows acoustic noise correlation to detect a leak by correlating the noise the fluid is making as it escapes the pipeline.

Solar panels

The absence of electric power at remote sites frequently hinders pipeline leak detection. Solar panels specifically designed to power any, or all, of the Pipeline Guardian components in the field. The compact rugged design makes them easy to install anywhere along a pipeline, opening a whole new dimension of hardware-based improvements to pipeline leak detection.

Pipeline Guardian software

Intelligent flow balance (Wave Flow)

The mass, volume, or flow balance element of Atmos Wave Flow corrects both measurement errors and inventory.

Negative pressure wave

Uses comprehensive algorithms to filter process noise and interference from pressure data associated with the rarefaction wave, caused by the onset of a leak, into a detailed 3-dimensional map. This map allows the system to clearly differentiate true leak/theft events from the pressure changes caused by transient operation. The result is a more responsive system with reduced uncertainty.

Dynamic model analysis (pressure/flow rate modeling)

A leak changes the pipeline flow and pressures in a distinctive pattern. The dynamic model analysis module analyses the pressure and flow behaviors, and can achieve a leak sensitivity better than the accuracy of the flow meters.

  • Leak onset detection
  • Fast leak detection
  • Improved sensitivity

Acoustic noise correlation

A small pipeline leak creates a white noise sound that travels through the fluid to the high-performance Atmos acoustic sensors, placed upstream and downstream of the monitored section.

  • Detects existing leaks
  • Detects corrosion leaks as they open
  • Provides accurate leak location

Main features

  • Response time in minutes for shut-in, transient, and steady-state conditions
  • Sensitivity <1% of flow rate
  • Minimal product release before a confirmed alarm
  • High leak location accuracy
  • Detects slowly developing leaks (corrosion leak detection)
  • Leak detection and location
  • High performance, proven pressure sensors, and flow meters
  • Non-intrusive sensor options available
  • On-board data storage to mitigate the effects of communication failures
  • Not reliant on flow meter’s performance or calibrations
  • RTTM for inventory (line pack) and integrated hydraulic profile
  • Turnkey packaging and sensor options
  • Complies with API 1130 (R 2012) and API 1175

Pipelines with column separation

Guardian hardware can be placed to optimize leak detection in slack pipeline sections as well as filled pipeline sections.


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