Atmos Tools Suite is designed to support the functionality of leak and theft detection, simulation, or operational software. 


Supporting world-class products to ensure the best functionality


Atmos Tools Suite provides the following benefits to pipeline operators

  • Ensure a system runs all the time
  • Secure and maintain data
  • Interpret data quickly and easily

Atmos Tools Suite includes


Atmos Trend

Atmos Trend is the most flexible and comprehensive data charting and trending tool in the market. It trends historical, real-time and look-ahead data. Customizable views of data results are easily available allowing the user to make informed decisions quickly.

Atmos Data Manager

Atmos Data Manager is a flexible tool for integrating process and management information across the enterprise. It logs and validates data from field instrumentation or Atmos applications and can connect to any system that uses OPC protocol. It is an important part of all Atmos applications.

Atmos SMT

A system that monitors Atmos’ leak and theft detection and simulation applications to ensure they are functioning correctly while running in the background. This provides peace of mind without the need for human intervention.

Atmos GUI

An intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface that displays information from the leak detection, simulation and operations management systems. The highly customizable display is similar to a SCADA system.



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